Sunday, January 17, 2010

Types of Communication barriers

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Communication barriers are the main problem that occur in our effective commutation process.

it can be technical,verbal, non verbal

Technical Communication barriers

technical mean your media which you are using is not working proper.
firstly you should check your media it can be news latter, newspaper,
radio, T.V , internet (like im using). our daily mail box.

1.1)  if we use news latter to send for some information we have to
check, what is psyche of our receiving person,  on which place or Rank
he/she working.      (for effective results )

2)   for T.V firstly you have to check signals of you channel in community in which you want spread your massage....

 Verbal Communication barriers

 this type of communication barriers  happen
when we did`t know about language and proper meanings of our words that
we select for our audiences, because we know  language style of each
society change after250 m.      it can be miss use of  helping verbs or
sentence ,  for example

       stop, don`t! let them go

       stop ! don`t let them go

Non verbal Communication Barriers

 in non verbal barriers we talk about body language, symbols, signs,  signals etc
   symbols for different societies are different,   for example thumb sighs are different in America and different meanings  in Russia ...
 color are also different in different areas of example Red color is use for danger, but in china it is spiritual color ..

(if you want some more or detail barriers )


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