Saturday, February 27, 2010

How To Chat On Yahoo

We all like to Chat on Yahoo.  but new users dont know how to chat on Yahoo i have some simple steps how so chat on yahoo.........                           History of YAhOO
for chatting on yahoo we need to install Yahoo New Messenger first (for installation click ME)
When you install Yahoo Messenger than real game start.

firstly YOU should have an account on YAHOO or known as Yahoo E-mail Address..
Step 1:
           Open Yahoo Messenger, than write your Yahoo ID & give Password in giving locations.
if you want yahoo messenger remember your ID&password than check it.. under this a bar of Sign in automatically....we use this function when we want our Yahoo ID automatically sign in when we Turn ON our PC...


Step 2:
          Click on Sign In Button and wait until Smile of Yahoo Show his Teeth......................................
(it will sign in in 3 seconds & it always depend on your system speed and net connection speed)
if your system is infected by Virus than you should be ready for more sign in problems 

Step 3
After checking your Emails you always like to chat in free time with strangers
for that go on Messenger option > Yahoo Chat > a new BAR will open click on Join a Room.........

Step  4:
A Window will open name with JOIN ROOM  ......
you will see a lot of categories in it  . it depend on you in which you want or interested in chat..............
Choose your categories  carefully because a lot of hacker are waiting for new comers to attack on there system
Step 5                                            when you select categories than Yahoo Room will shown on right side of that box.... from here you can select your room in which you like to go and chat........... mainly users are like to go in same chat rooms and make their own social networks there. Select you room and click on Go to Room (that i show with red arrow)
Step 6                             A new Box will open with little advertisement and in upper middle part a loading bad will filled up. when it fill a button will appear name "ENTER TO CHAT" click on it. its very simple
Step 7:
it very simple when you complete your last step a new BOX will open "shown in left"
it will ask to submit given text in showing Box.....after submitting correction text you can enter  in Chat room .
(in slow connection a link is shown > click on that link than this type of page Open in you browser same method will there  )

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