Friday, February 5, 2010

Ideas for Radio promotion

• Make special program in which people can only tweet.
• Make program in which social scholar are address.
• A social massage from social institute.
• Add a recipe with great thanks and beautiful song.
• Response to feed-back at least Thanks mail.
• Create blog and get up-date it.
Institutional Radios  (For University)
• Make special type of radio that only tune on specific frequency; put them these radios in university common areas, canteen, photocopier, common room, in busses.
• Make a program special for helper in which talk about people that work in institute.
• Interviews of head of departments and discuss ideas for more ideas
• Get permission form students for sending mails, or sms of programs that are broadcasting on radio or coming soon.
• Create social network. it work if updated
want listen radio

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