Saturday, March 13, 2010

Future in 2050

this is a quick review how should our life to be in future, which type of thing we use

This is great plan of Future that's our Future , Future of Mankind in which we all will save and every person have things to enjoy  life in which they want. we need only to do more hard work for make our future batter&SAVE. 
Sun will great source of Energy and bio-technology will also.
Apple will make Ring, Mobile will Fix in Hand, bicycle comes with new look with more safety, Bus, Trains everything will change, computes come with new look, more sharp than ever with 5 senses, copying data is every sharp and easy to avail .
Cocking will very easy, rooms will be very decorated and beautiful, medical science will more improve and scientist will able to do any type of operation easily.
Micro technology will convert totally in Nino technology...Rebort are too common in our daily life. 
end the end i only want to write that 
when everything become more small,sharp and fast than Love that we feel for our PARENTS will also very small. in Future WE will not have time for our Parents and Brothers&sisters....... only a little hint now these days we are very some persons that gives our precious time to our Parents.......

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