Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Can i Increse My Traffic

This is Question that always arize in mind of my fellows and they wish a lot of traffic on their blog or post,
i want to share a story of traffic wanted person
many Cristal Dreams come in mind of that person.
Person wish when alot of traffic come on their page
they became a famous person
when they became famous than advertiser pay big ammount for inserting ads on their page
when they recieve alot of money they became rich
when they became rich they will need more security for save that money...... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

suddenly MOM says........... hey get up it to late to go University.............and dream will thuuuussssssss

traffic increasing  is very big issue in world roads so why you worry.
open your blog on a system and set it on high way hope you will receive alot of traffic on you post with in seconds and may be heavy traffic............
if you want more traffic ideas than come again again and enjoy.............;-)


anni0009 said...

But wher iss blog trrafic?

Hasan said...

traffic is on your blog, if you open your blog on road


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