Sunday, April 4, 2010


with very latest technology this is going on top these are some selected news

Hello Windows Phone 7, Goodbye "Series"
The name "Windows Phone 7 Series" was doomed from the start; it was ungainly and nobody outside Microsoft knew what the "series" part meant. ...
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Coachella phone app enables users to find friends and track performances
Los Angeles Times (blog)
Get a cell phone." But the organizers of the concert (April 9th-11th) missed a chance to offer even more cellphone-related helpfulness: just as essential as ...
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Dakota Phone leads invaders in Oaklawn 'Cap - Sports News
Dakota Phone and Delightful Kiss exit the Santa Anita Handicap, and Duke of Mischief exits the Donn at Gulfstream. Awaiting them is Win Willy, ...
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Obama-Hu phone call signals a renewed connection
Los Angeles Times
The president urges the Chinese leader to put pressure on Iran to curb its nuclear program. The long talk comes after months of friction between Washington ...
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Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup: More Ways To Search A Mobile Phone Directory ...
OfficialWire (press release)
by Myron Jones There is thousands of searches performed online everyday for reverse cell phone lookup services, most people are looking for a free or ...
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HTC HD2: Superb Hardware, Outdated OS
Washington Post
And unfortunately, when Windows Phone 7 Series finally debuts at the end of this year, the HD2 won't be upgradable. In its hardware, though, the HTC HD2 is ...
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Verizon supports mobile recycling during National Cell Phone Recycling Week
Verizon, however, has begun to change that figure with a new initiative aimed at promoting mobile phone recycling across the US. The mobile phone service ...
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PC World
This Week in Geek: iPad-Free Edition!
PC World
A new hack/port released will make it possible to upgrade your HD2 to Windows Phone 7 OS. Now if only HTC and Microsoft would get the hint and work together ...
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AOL News
Who Can Drive Safely While on Phone? 'Supertaskers'
AOL News
(April 3) -- It's become a common refrain in our modern, rampantly multitasking era: Driving while using a cell phone is a big no-no, a practice so ...
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Ranchers want better cell phone service
Cell phone service in some remote areas of Cochise County is, at best, spotty. The ranchers in that remote area are calling for better cell reception. ...
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