Monday, April 5, 2010

My University

I am student in University of Gujrat, Pakistan . Universities of any countries are places where a Nation is construct for future development where new ideas innovate and force of young blood tie. Usually when we go in any place in world we firstly see or able to see buildings and infrastructure of that area. Mostly i experience like this .....
As i am student in a University of Gujrt so when i go in University first day i was very impress with structure of it. Now these days building constructions almost near to complete. There are a lot of blocks in My University in which different official and Education work performed. You can get more information about MY University of Gurjrat form official blog of UOG
lot of Social Subject(our society need social understandings: this is all My Opinion) are educated in My University.For details Click Me
Now i will not disturb you to view some picture and Plan of My University.

A 3D Plan From Govt. For UOG

In End
Nation development is start now. and i see my University in world top-five universities of World in up-coming future.

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