Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nations Nuclear Implications

The second goal was to come to an agreement on how to prevent terrorists from getting a hold of these nukes. This is a little more difficult to see the results to. While many arguments came about as to how to act on
this, everyone agreed that the "bad guys" shouldn't have these weapons. Russia was the first to voice their difference of opinion on the way that the US proposes to handle North Korea and Iran. They do not agree with the heavy economic sanctions that have been proposed. One thing that was in agreement, was that all nations should back the UN in this matter and support them and their nuclear arm, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Many nations feel that it is not the United States that should be making the rules on how to deal with sanctions and punishments for uranium enrichment. It should be the UN doing this. Not all nations agree to the IAEA having this say, but all nations, except the US, are more in favor of that than the United States having this control and power. While all nations agree to the prevention of terrorists and extremists having these devices, the type of enforcement and who should enforce it are still up in the air. At least the nations are trying to figure the best way to go about this and the lines of discussion are open. So for this goal, there was some progress made. While it was not met entirely, steps were taken towards the goal. for more Click me
On the other hand
Obama want to talk with China on Iran Nuclear issue
they are thinking Iran making Nuclear Bomb, but Iran say they are making plants for completing there energy necessary....for more
===>>>>when i analyze it
Before 9/11 Many Islamic countries are criticize by west. but after 9/11 they get chance to come in east for getting access for Mineral resources and finishing Islam and Islamic country(but they are not able to do so). when they attack on Afghanistan on base of Usama, than after they on Iraq on this base Iraqiez have nuclear weapons but they can`t find a
ny nuclear weapon but only this

if we see little on back some years only Gulf War
They support Iraq
that is called world dangerous man after when he reduce to help them.
Now its turn to 3rd Islamic country..
now Iran ....... (i dont know when we Muslim Countries will Unite)
i have some questions
why all problems of security, west feel in east?
why Issues like nuclear theft, in Muslim countries?
why they feel fear from Muslim countries?
why we Muslim are always shown as terrorist?

"purpose of this only to share some information and getting some feedback"

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