Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Home Air Conditionrs

This is all made house made Air conditioners . if i say truly these are great air coolers. that feel you more happy and cool when you made them by your hand and get air.

you can also made it its very easy
you need some following things.

1. Time
2. Crazy Mind (if u dont have visit here)
3. A home where you make it
4. A Fan (that works proper)
5. Electricity
6. ICE
7. A open Box
8. Stand
9. wires
and most important
10. Friends, Family members that appreciate you on your work.

This is made by Gujraties. a small water pump a side make flow of water in side the wood box.
Cool breez are blowing inside of room. that cause of happy dreams.


Awais said...

Great yr :) i got ideas to make my fan turn to A.C

howsolve said...

these are ideas that can change your life style and this is good example of development.

North Jersey Air Systems said...

This is very interesting.When science takes over you can create so much.How nice to experience a home made air conditioner.If there are children they would have enjoyed and realised the simple process very easily.I think school science projects should be like this.


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