Thursday, April 28, 2011

Media Relations and Placement

Most common relationship between journalist and PR is concept of news. Before you go to media understand what media need. What media searching for. Mostly they need news. So get idea what is news and how media person judge its value.
·         Consequence “does information have any importance to listener or viewer”
·         Interest  “is information Usual  or people have interest in it ”
·         Timeliness  “information should be timeliness ”
·         Proximity “news should be near area of media”
·         Prominence “event and prominent people make news important”
Working with media
                You should know how journalists are working. What is journalist Job? How tough life of journalist face. What usually he report? What type of feature they report and play?    These are some questions that a PRO should know before working with media.
Guide lines how to deal with media.
o   Always be honest  “its take a lot of time to make credibility”
o   Establish ground rules “make good relationship with media persons”
o   Background “ know background of media which you link”
More tips
o   Always answer reporter call
o   Give media people what they want, not what you want    “Get idea”
o   Never publish daily Same Lines
o   Don’t assume reporters are out to get you.
o   Don’t try to intimidate reporters
o   Don’t plead your case or follow up story
Media often call you for interview. You can get a lot of benefits from this. This is chance for you to make a good image of your company or organization. But you need to focus on these things before you go on interview.
·         Everything will be on the record.
·         Provide your background to interviewer
·         Know your topic very clearly.
·         Anticipate touchy questions
·         Always answer a question that already matters
·         Don’t say aloud to reporter.
·         Keep yourself cool in answers.
·         Honest with your JOB
·         Look Professional  “provide help if interviewer need after interview”
Due to some reasons if you are making some mistake in your press release or information that you send or in interview that you give. Some thing that you need to do urgently bases.
o   Always be a diplomatic
o   Contact to reporter immediately. Tell him your fault and ask him to correct before publish.
o   Keep your self calm and well-mannered
If your story is already Publish then ask for correction. If reporter can make help you then ok. Then otherwise write letter to editor.
Place public relations piece in media.
Decide where to place you message in media. Firstly make a Media KIT that has all information to relevant media. In a media kit you need to cover these areas that are given below.
Media Kit
                Name of Publications, radio, T.V, newspaper
            Name of editor, reporters, News Directors
            Address, including mailing and street address
            Telephone numbers, Fax number, Email address.
            Editorial information, style guide “how they write news”

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