Friday, April 15, 2011

Pakistan Energy Downfall

PEPCO (Pakistan Electric Power Company), which is responsible with other subsidiary power companies (GEPCO, MEPCO, FESCO, LESCO, IESCO etc) for distribution of electricity in Pakistan except Karachi,. In karachi KEPCO is working. 
  Condition of load shading in Pakistan is very serious. Load shading hours are 14+. Government body and energy authorities are totally fail and stuck to control load shading ghost.  Pakistan facing 4500 + MW shortfall.if this situation remain same it will damage Pakistan industry. if industry wipe-out country will lose its one economic pillar. 
                Anther fact that Pakistani people facing is increasing rate of electric Unit. In Karachi and different areas of Pakistan people protest against to much short down of electricity without informing and increasing rate of unit . On the other side Natural Gas and Petrol prices are also increase.  
                Here I have some fact and figures about Demand and supply sheet of Power supply
I Have solutions of this energy crises ..
  1. Private Sector can be helpful. many international Companies are interested in this. we can make a deal in energy development sector.
  2. if we shift industrial area from citizen area to another place. combine industry sector specially heavy industry. because in a Home we need only 120 W power. but heavy industry need 250 w.  we can save alot of power.
  3. Paksitan have very good weather for solar energy. Around the year Electricity can be Generate. we need to focus specially on this field.
  4. Pakistan is a Nuclear Country. it have capacity to generate its all Electricity form this.
  5. Pakistan have very impressive Water canal and Rivers. Government should make large number of water Dams. recently in flood they have lost to much water . if there was any flood dam available to much distraction can be avoided.
  6. Wind generators also helpful in some areas of Pakistan. 
  7.  Paksitan have its own Sea. we can also Generate electricity from water waves in sea.
Pakistan Have to Much Talent and Youth Power in It. Only we need to get some proper guidelines. Teacher can play very good and efficient role in this. if we focus on our skills with our study we can make our country Developed.  

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