Sunday, May 8, 2011


I Love my MOTHER
Today 8th may days dedicated to hard life of Mother. How Mother loves her children and makes them happy and comfort in all hard circumstances. When I see back in my life. When I was little child. My Mother always tell me stories at night before sleep. I was always walked around my mother. Then she admit me in school, that I will became a gentle man someday.  There was much things that I do wrong and bad, but my Mom always there to save me with beautiful smile on her face. She is very forgiving to me. and I LOVE My MOM.  Because MOM is the Personality we got only once in life. Here I also want to share with you My Mother.  I Really Love you. Not only this day but ever. I am with you, without you I am nothing. LOVE YOU MOM. I was love you, i am loving you, i will love You Ever. Your Prayer give me Spiritual Powers.
Here some cool Card for Mother you can send it to your mother  CLICK ME
Song Dedicate to my Mom

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Anonymous said...

indeed Mother is Precious Gift form God. I also Love My MOM


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