Monday, June 6, 2011

Environment Day Trash

Today 6th July and one day Before on 5th July Globe celebrate Environmental day.  Last day a well organized event is on environmental day people gather from around the city. They have designs banners, pamphlets and cards’ especially for this event.  After half hour walk for Environmental day. People ask to Speaker for a Speech on “how can we make our environment cleaner and Green?” Speaker make a fabulous speech and after all the process. A dinner was arranged for senior members and Guests. Cold drinks are served to all Participants.
After this when event was close. There was no People but only Empty Cans and some Remain Food “That might help to poor people”. Speech ground and Stage was Filling with Empty Food Boxes and Cold Drink Cans that people Use little time before. Environmental Day Banners, Pamphlets and Card were also expressing to grief and silent commenting on Happy Environmental Day.  Suddenly a twister appears in ground and pick-up all Boxes, Cans and written stuff and go for next JOB.
My Mind Became Empty But only one Line
We All Only Celebrate Environment Days. We are not practically involved to Clean World.” 
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