Saturday, June 4, 2011

Role of Media In Contemporary Society

Media is very important tool of entry in any society. Media mean tools of communication or source through we deliver our message to our target people. Radio, T.V newspaper and now online media are mass Medias in society.
role of media in society
My topic is role of media in contemporary society. Here contemporary mean “Our daily life”. “Living in same period of time”. Society mean group of people with relevant same interest attitude and thoughts. Every society has different qualities and ethical attitudes. Some of behavior are allows in that societies but not in others. For example smoking in public places is almost prohibited in all societies.
          Now back to topic we are discussing about role of media in contemporary society. We discuss about meanings of “contemporary” and “society”.  We make our topic easier. Then its look like... “Role of media in everyday life of society”.
                Question: how media perform in daily life?
Answer: media get information from societies that relevant to common interest and everyone like to listen and see about thing. It can be political party or showbiz figure.  Then media make that information more understandable and more just, attractive and more shine with selective word polish. After this process Media broadcast this all on its different channels. Selectivity of news, information mostly depends in Channel Policy. Some time policy affect by business opportunity and Political influence.
            On the other hand Media owner say “we show things in which People are interested” but my point is little different Media Show things with common interest.” Some of thing we like to watch and some of things Media want to show”.
                Question:  what is role of Media in Contemporary society of Pakistan?
Answer:  TV, Radio, Newspaper are three main media of society. T.V has its approach in near about in all Over Pakistan. A lot of news, entertainment, infotainments and many other channels are available through cable network. If any things new and unaccepted happen in society Pakistani media became a hungry beast of news and broadcast live news with out verification: but only some channels do this. Unfortunately On the other hand Society also wants to view BAD news. There are only some programs that working for social development. Most of news channels are work to creticise on govt. policies.  Media`s job to feed human curiosity of know. Society Job to give material to Media to get feed U.

Know What u think HOW Media Is Working In Ur Society?  


Anonymous said...

thankyou very much for this post. im searching for this on net. in Paksitan we unable to make much study on this ...

Anonymous said...

It is media world, the world of growing communication and freedom of speech. Media is playing a vital role in exploring the evils and wrong doings in day to day matters. In wake of Pakistan, Mushroom growth of media although affected the very quality of process of information yet some media groups are playing their role in a very subtle manner. The Express Tribune isindeed played an effective role in underscoring issues of common man. It gave voice to voiceless, promoted freedom of speech and endorsed difference of opinion without any discrimination. It provided a platform to masses to discuss their issues and hardships without any inequity. Providing an open forum for the members of political parties and civil society, it strengthened the democracy and introduced and atmosphere for an outburst.
Express Tribune is glaring example of free, fair and impartial spot without hatred, bigotry and promotion of interests of specific segment of society. There is a dire need to promote such a forum so that people could express their views, thoughts and ideas for a bright future of this country and remedies of issues of common masses.


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