Saturday, December 17, 2011

Map your Followers On Twitter

Twitter is Micro blogging on which you can share your message with your friends and can share links of your Pictures and Videos and anything that you like to share. i gona share with you a new application in Twitter that can create a Map of your followers. it can tell you from where your followers are belong and from. from which country your followers are most.
Map of Followers of Hassan Jalil on twitter

It depend on you in which shape you want to see them. In Chart Shape or in Map. Process is Very Simple. You have to login in your Twitte Account then go to this address "This ONE". Then it Will ask you from Allow Application to analyze. It is not threat, it just analyze and give you report.

you can see on right side how its look like.
You can also get a very kool Widgets for your blog.

i am also on Twitter with Name @Hassanjalilpr.
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