Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dengue Fever or Fear

Dengue fever is also known as broke bone fever. It became Epidemic fever in Pakistan. We all watch allot of news about dengue victims on different media channels. All Channels and Press is show figures that how much died today and what is the total amount of dengue assassination through. That is good if you want to up to-date. We have a lot of information about this fever and we know what the symptoms and causes of this dengue fever. We all know that things from media (see Role of Media in Contemporary society)
Media have is importance that’s believable. It can change mind-sets of people. It effect on people behavior, attitude, approach and thinking habit. There are a lot of theories and research work about this already available.
 When we see how Pakistani media is working especially social responsibility point of view. We analyze role of media on dengue fever news coverage? There are a lot of things that are going bad in this. All media channels are watching negative and showing negative. They always tell figures of dead by dengue. No one tell you how much patients became healthy after facing the dengue fever. Our media always say that Media is very optimist and objective we always show both part of story, so why media don’t present about people that become healthy after sickness. It became fear instead of fever. When I visit last time Lahore People are very afraid and go home so early.   
Pakistani media should show positive and good image. Doctors, medical specialist and medical researchers are working hard to overcome this disease. Media is also broadcasting Public service messages for awareness. But If Media show some respect to social ethics it should appreciate all medical staff that are working for this syndrome and it should show how much patients are recovered from dengue. Healthier form this disease are more than how face death.   
As I am student of Journalism I know we can very good news coverage on it. And very good feature news can be made.
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