Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Which Common mistakes Make by Manager in Information Process

When we talk about our Mistakes its mean we make some thing wrong that can we improve. Managers are authorities that manage some type of shops, project, events, organizations. both on large scale or small scale. Different type of responsibilities that a manager pay attention. I will write about how many times and which type of Mistake mostly managers are do while communicating.  Many individual possess a wealth of technical knowledge and are highly competent. But when it come to assigning projects, conveying expectations and motivating employees they FAIL. This Failure can be damage your image and thinking stamina. 
Some common mistakes that managers are mostly make
1.      Lack of Clarity: Very often managers think that when they give directions or take decisions, everyone around them will easily understand clearly and follow them. Every person around is not able to understand same as other person is perceiving. because it depend on our personal experience and educational background. Managers are disturbed when they find the results are not same as what they expected.  This happen when they are not clear in giving orders to their subordinates and work with lots of preset assumptions in mind. Manager need to ensure that other understand what they are trying to cover. They can ensure that by asking questions about the order. they can make a polite comment on every-one qualities and past work.  

How Effectively Communicate with Employees To Increase Your Business Strength?

2.      Lack of Empathy: Some manager find it difficult to empathize with their employees on the personal and professional front. Employees expect to be treated with respect.  Studies show that employees working under empathetic manager are more motivated and respond favorably. Make a friendly environment that employe can share information and ideas with you. Strictness is Important with rules but you need to Make employe able to share with you. its depend on requirement and policies of your company .

3.      Poor Listen skills: When two persons are communicating, there are different priorities, needs and perspectives. It is important to listen others as it to hear by others. Managers should open their ears open for suggestions and complaints from employees to make their job easier and move satisfying. Listening is also a art we all need to develop a listing habit. Listen carefully try to understand what is the reason behind that speaking. 
4.      Failure to give Effective Feedback: During year-end performance appraisals, most employees feel disturb when they are informed about their progress only after span of one year. They want opportunities to develop and improve throughout the year. Providing continuing, constructive on-the-job evaluation focusing on the situation as they arise, while they are still fresh in everyone’s memory, helps employees to learn and grow. When we give proper feedback then we will effective feedback. 
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