Saturday, December 10, 2011

How Effectively Communicate with Employees To Increase Your Business Strength

The management of change involves adapting an organization to demand of environment and modify the actual behavior of employees. Changing the behavior of employees mean that you will get out-comes that you want.  If employ do not change their behavior, the organization can’t change. Many things must be considered when undertaking organizational change, including the types of pressure being exerted on the organization to change, the kind of resistance to change that are likely to be encountered and who should implement change. Six basic strategies for achieving change are.

How Effectively Communicate with Employees To Increase Your Business Strength 

1.  People approach:  Using Communication science technique to involve employees in diagnosing informational problems and planning action to correct them. For example whenever you want to put new policy for your organization then involve all relvent staff in your decision making.You can ask them to give their suggestion in any format how can this policy can help in organization business development or where should we need to focus to batter results. 

2.      Cultural approach: changing the shared belief, values, expectations, and norms that comprise the organization culture.when we talk about cultural approach it mean that we need to understand what are common habits of employees. if we want that our employ work hard and share their opinion then we start to change our self. if the owner of company is hard work then he or she can brings change. 
3.      Technological approach: changing the process of work accomplished. change the way to do work. technological does`t mean that add some type of technology . its can be you facilitate them with new tools to work. 
4.      Design approach: rearrange organization authority, responsibility and decision making. You can make a new plan for your organization. shift responsibilities from lazy worker and trained them if needed. it can be order for decision making  for example give them opportunity to explain which type of work that they can do best.
5.      Task Approach: Redesigning individual Job. Latter of appreciation is very important to motivate human working power. Word "Good Job You Done" mean you are recharging your employee powers. others will automatically work hard to get appreciation. individual should understand irresponsibility. (if one of your employee make some mistake and cause of anger then call him in office and give him opportunity to explain what is happen. give him change and some instruction in a proper way. if you insult your employee then keep in mind they will surely insult you on your behind )
6.      Strategy approach: changing the organization intended courses of action to attain its goals or select new goals. combination of all decisions will make new strategy if needed. if not then change the goals and select new approaches. 

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