Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How Write Effective Advertising Copy 2

USP (Unique Selling Points) 
 This is a marketing tool that is very important. I would like to write in points know u need to brain storming 
howsolve effective advertising collection
  •  Lowest Price "show your products price is low"
  • Superior Quality "tell how your Quality Superior"
  • Superior Service "Tell Customers how your services are superior"
  • Exclusive Rights " Show your License and Quality Certificate like ISO2001”

The more you tell the more you sell
            Always remember in Magazine advertising you need to tell more because your attraction to your special costumer s. they want to read more about your product. But u needs to focus how strategically you will attack on his needs and desires. How strategically you tell him what he wants and what he need.  Firstly tell him how your product is helpful for him for make life more easily Then where it available. 
Lay Out:
            Lay out of your advertising is very important. If the presentation of your advertising is very attractive and I catch attention of reader then your money is get pay back to you. You can make you layout more attractive by using different color combinations or different cultural ideas. Because Human is Social animal and we like things social and culturally.
Rules of AIDAS
  • ·         Attention “you can get attention of reader or consumer by attractive Headline and Lead”
  • ·         Interest  “built interest by asking Question and solution of Problem”
  • ·         Desire  “keep in mind how your product can fill desires of human like food, home, personality”
  • ·         Action  “call to action tell where you are available and  how you can contact to US”
Use Takeaway selling:
Be honest with your customers. Make credibility of your product and company if you give a sale offer for a limited time then it should be for limited time. Good Customer relations are very important 

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