Sunday, April 17, 2011

How Write Effective Advertising Copy

Advertising is a Tool of Marketing. but it is very effective part of marketing. success of product is depend on how attractive your advertising. here i tell you more about which points we need to remember while writing an effective Copy add for both print and electronic media 
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          headline is very important part of any advertising if we are launching a campaign of product publicity but we not focus on our adverting then our money is just going to garbage. here first thing is headline. keep in mind "first impression is last impression" if consumer not read your story ad then what you get? noting just moeny wasting. 70 % success of ad depend of its Headline. Headline Should be much attractive and give persuasion to reader real/see full ad. 

Use of Picture
          First we discuss about print media. Use of relevant picture is very important. if you are writing about paint or mobile you use happy persons picture or picture that relate to your product. it does not seems your product is talk about color white cream and you use pic of old age people.  this is un-ethical and not relate to your product or services. keep in Focus Relevant pictures. 
Capture relevant background in shoot:
          this is about electronic media. if you are going to write a advertising copy for electronic media. you need to focus which seen matter more and relevant to my product idea. because if you are writing about mineral water bottle then background can be a waterfall with greenery or water filtration process plant.  

Built Believability
         firstly you have to built believability of your product by adding third person comments about your company and your product. your company can hire a Brand Ambassador that have good image in Market and everyone like to look that Personality. 
        you should also add point of view of an Expert in that field for example Head Shoulder Shampoo add Expert opinion in his adds .

USP (Unique Selling Points) 
      This is a marketing tool that is very important. i would like to write in points know u need to brain storming 
  •  Lowest Price "show your products price is low"
  • Superior Quality "tell how your Quality Superior"
  • Superior Service "Tell Customers how your services are superior"
  • Exclusive Rights " Show ur License and Quality Certificate
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